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Dayton Ohio is the Birthplace of Aviation and the home of the Wright Brothers, who are the inventors of the airplane. All of their design work took place in Dayton. They did some test flying in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. They has chosen Kitty Hawk for its remote location, sand and high sustained winds. After their flight of December 17, 1903 They moved their research and testing to Dayton, Ohio.

Based on the results of their 1903 Kitty Hawk Model I Flyer they continued their research and design work. They test flew their planes at Huffman Prairie, now a part of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. On September 5, 1905 they successfully demonstrated their Model III Flyer as the world’s first practical airplane. They later established their flying school at the site.
One of the least known aspects of their research work was developmentMarker Seaplane Base of a hydro-aeroplane and the Model G “Aeroboat”. Test flying took place between 1912 and 1914 on the “S” bends in the Great Miami River, South of Dayton, between to current cities of West Carrolton and Moraine, Ohio. A historic marker has been placed in West Carrollton at the Miami & Erie Canal Park in the area where these flight took place


Please explore our pages documenting the development of the Wright hydro-aeroplanes and Wright Model G Aeroboat.

MIami Erie Canal Park

Marker Aeroboat G